Increasing profitability is just one of the benefits that companies can obtain by registering their Industrial and Intellectual Property of their various innovations, brands, and creations in Peru.

But there are still few companies in Peru and in the rest of Latin America that take advantage of the Industrial and Intellectual Property system to obtain the benefits it provides, and access to said system certainly begins with registration, in particular, and with greater importance, for Industrial Property.

The National Institute for the Defense of Competition and the Protection of Intellectual Property of Peru (Indecopi) shared that they only receive 26,000 annual requests for trademark registrations on average, even though 250,000 Peruvian companies are formalized in the country every year.

This means that only 10% of Peruvian companies take advantage of the Industrial Property system to register their brands.

With the aim of increasing the number of Peruvian companies that register their brands, the so-called “Ruta PI” was born, which offers a large number of benefits to micro, small and medium-sized companies. From Unión Andina we want to list here the four most important benefits of the Ruta PI for companies:

1.- Personalized Service 

Since its launch, in June 2021, this personalized consulting service has specialized in Industrial Property. Peruvian companies are assisted by an expert who reviews the specific case of the candidate company and makes a detailed analysis of the case.

These professionals specialized in Industrial Property from Indecopi identify the brands and innovations that each company can register. This avoids the investment of time and resources in vain, in addition to guaranteeing an environment of confidentiality and protection.

2.- Free service

The most outstanding element for many of the companies is that all the advice provided through the Ruta PI by Indecopi is completely free. This represents a saving of around 6,000 soles in investment related to the prior feasibility analysis of distinctive signs or inventions.

3.- Inclusion of various economic sectors

When companies begin to navigate the world of intellectual property, they may think that the registry of trademarks and patents is only for those companies related to the technology sector.

However, this new Ruta PI project of Indecopi is open to applications for Peruvian companies linked to various economic sectors. For example, this list includes companies in the categories of:

  1. Agriculture and the farming sector
  2. Production and sale of food
  3. Metallurgy and mining
  4. Manufacturing
  5. Basic services
  6. Construction
  7. Commercial Business Management
  8. Clothing
  9. Entertainment
  10. Advertising
  11. Arts industries
  12. Education
  13. Architecture
  14. Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs)

4.- Action plan focused on intellectual property

Protecting and taking advantage of company products and services is not always easy. For this reason, the experts of the Ruta PI also provide small and medium-sized companies with an action plan focused on intellectual property, so that these companies can strengthen their activities and their business.

These action plans are focused on companies being able to achieve objectives such as:

  • Increase their income and annual profitability
  • Expand their business through licensing and franchise models
  • Better prepare for capital and fundraising sessions with national and foreign investors, as well as financing plans with both public and private entities.
  • Understand defense mechanisms against infringement or copies of their products, brands, and services

The Ruta PI is an important boost for small and medium-sized companies to get closer to the world of Industrial Property. For larger Peruvian companies there is still no public program to help them identify their potential based on trademarks and patents, but at Unión Andina we are ready to provide you with personalized and expeditious advice so that you can begin to take advantage of all the benefits of the Industrial property.

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