General measures; free-use inventions; online registration and digital certificates (trademarks and intellectual property)

General measures

Period of social isolation

Peru is in a state of emergency and compulsory social isolation from March 16 to April 26, 2020[1].

Bonds issued by the Peruvian government

Due to this exceptional situation, the government has granted a bonus of S/ 380 to 3 million vulnerable households due to poverty or extreme poverty that are in geographic areas of health risk and are included in the Household Targeting System[2].

Similarly, the government has granted a S/ 760 bonus to households with independent workers that appear on the General Household Register (PGH) of the Ministry of Development and Social Inclusion (MIDIS), do not qualify as poor and are in geographical areas of health risk[3].

Pension Funds Administrators (AFP)  

Contributors to the Private Pension System (SPP) can access up to S/ 2000 of their fund in case they have not contributed to their AFP for 6 consecutive months until March 31, 2020[4].

Likewise, Congress approved the bill that authorizes the withdrawal of 25% of AFP funds up to a maximum of S/ 12900. President Vizcarra, who has already spoken out against this law, has a 15 days deadline to enact or observe it. However, Congress has the power to approve the Law without being referred again to the Executive Branch.

Free-use inventions

The National Institute for the Defense of Competition and the Protection of Intellectual Property(INDECOPI), has recently published a list of inventions related to technologies aimed at preventing the spread of the coronavirus that are freely available and patented in Peru[5].

You can access the list of free use and patented inventions in Peru clicking here.

Online registration and digital certificates (trademarks and intellectual property)

INDECOPI has reactivated the online platform for trademarks and intellectual property applications, for which the file number and filing date can be obtained, which will determine their priority.

In the same way, the notification with digital signature to the email, indicated by the applicant, of the granting resolutions and certificates of registration of trademarks and works of authorship, has been established.

It should be noted that the administrative deadlines are suspended until May 6.[6]

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Alejandro Castro Angulo
Lawyer – Managing Director