In the midst of the current situation and world crisis due to the Covid-19, the Peruvian government intends to promote innovation through competitions among national inventors, whether independent, research centers, universities, or public institutions and even international or foreign centers domiciled in Peru, may participate and obtain financing and technical assistance.

Patents against Covid-19: It aims promoting inventions related to Covid-19. The Invention and New Technologies Directorate, DIN, will provide technical and analytical support for inventions with the potential to be patented. The Patent Office would also finance official fees.

These inventions may be new or improved new products or procedures related to the causes and effects of Covid-19 within the framework of certain items such as: diagnosis of Covid-19, artificial respiration or cardiac stimulation, devices for the transfer and isolation of patients, specific vaccines for treatment, cleaning compositions and procedures, procedure or apparatus to sterilize materials or apparatus to prevent contagion, among others.

In the case of legal persons registered abroad, it must be demonstrated that the development of the invention was carried out in Peruvian territory.

Inscriptions are open until April 30, 2020.

Fast Track Projects against Covid-19: Promoted by CONCYTEC, National Council for Science, Technology and Technological Innovation, is a fast track contest for quick solutions. Its purpose is to promote research, development and scientific adaptation that have effective solutions to fight against Covid-19 pandemic.

CONCYTEC will finance the winning proposals with amounts from S/ 150,000 to S/ 350,000. The topics have been listed in 5 categories, from the development of drugs and vaccines, to epidemiological and social studies.

Even though the contest is in the evaluation stage, some proposals have been pre-approved.

Thalia Tapia Morales
Intellectual Property Legal Assistant